Workshop Resources

3D Printing

All Intro to 3D Printing Workshop Slides      

Intro to 3D Printing Zoom Recording 

Tinkercad Practice

How to use your Flash Forge Finder 3D Printer 

Plotter / Vinyl Cutter

Intro to Vinyl Cutting workshop slides

Recording of Zoom- entire workshop

Silhouette Studio Practice

Youtube silhouette studio intro video

Laser Cutting

Intro to Laser Cutting / Inkscape Workshop Slides

Intro to Inkscape: Hall Pass How TO

Inkscape Practice

Laser Project Application (coming soon)

Using a GLOWFORGE (coming soon)

Using an EPILOG

Snowflake Workshop   Teacher Sign Workshop


Intro to Electronics Workshop Slides

Graphic Design

Canva Workshop Slides

Canva info and Tips

Other Workshops

OT Training 

Planning Documents

Project Planning Document

Project Request Form (coming soon)

EPC Machine Check out FORM (coming soon)

Other Resources

3D Printing Project Ideas Presentation

Fab Project Lesson Plans

Makerspace Playbook

Makerbot 3D Printing Lessons

Thingiverse Education