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Digital Fabrication Workshops

We offer a 4 part workshop on 3D printing and Vinyl Cutting, as well as single session workshops over electronics and laser cutting.

IF a CMSD teacher would like to use these workshops for VPD, they may do so if and only if previously approved by their principal and chapter chair.  Please inquire for a Certificate of Participation. 

Learn more about what workshops are being offered this month here: DF Workshops, EPC DF+STEM Lab Schedule 

Request a PD Session:

Would you like the CMSD Digital Fabrication team to come to your school to give a presentation about  the programs the district has to offer?

Does your school have a 3D printer just sitting on a shelf somewhere and you’d love to learn how to use it?

Would you like a select group of your teachers to attend a training at the EPC DF+STEM Lab?

Please contact the Lab Manager about scheduling a meeting or PD: