Digital Fabrication Creation

This program is perfect for grades 3-8.   Students will learn about the design process through iterative work on a project using the Laser Cutter or Vinyl Cutter. Some Examples include:  Birdhouses, Gliders or Logo Design!


Birdhouses students will learn about birds that are native to North East Ohio and what type of birdhouses would be best for them.  Each student will create a cardboard birdhouse and then work in groups to design a birdhouse for a specific bird.  We will create cardboard prototypes and then create wooden ones that can be painted and hung up around your school.  This project is great for Math or Science classes,  math students can focus on the surface area/volume of the designs while science classes can look more closely at the living environments of the birds.


Visit One:  Students are exposed to the MFL and laser cutter and create cardboard pre-designed bird houses.

Visit Two: students will create their own bird house design using cardboard construction and draw basic blueprints of their design and digitize their design.

Visit Three: students will create a  cardboard prototype of their design and make any necessary changes.

Visit Four: students will creating a wooden birdhouse for their community.


Gliders – in this project students will experiment with pre-fabbed foam gliders and analyze data to design their own glider.  Students will iterate on their design twice to attempt to create the best flying glider in the class.  This activity is great for math and sciences classes who can focus on data analysis and the physics of flight.


Visit one: Experiment with pre-fabbed glider pieces in the MFL.

Visit two: create blue print designs of their gliders and digitize designs.

Visit three: create their own designs using the laser cutter and iterate on the design to improve to create the final glider to compete against their classmates with.


Logo Design – This is a great activity for students grades 3-8 in any subject area!  Students will explore current popular logos and how have they changed over time before creating their own logo for a made up company, or for the school, class or group.  We can create vinyl stickers from the logos or heat press t-shirts or bags. 


Visit one: Create name stickers with the MFL and explore logos


Visit two: design their own logos and digitize

Visit three: create their logos as stickers or heat press for t-shirts or bags.