Digital Design and 3D Printing


3D printing is a growing field that can be introduced to students as young as second grade!


In this program, students will create many 3d printed objects depending on your curriculum.  For example, a history teach might have their students design a replication of an ancient artifact from a culture they are studying, or design a building for a city they are creating.  A Science teacher might have students design animal and plant cells that can be taken apart or a globe that shows the different layers of the Earth. A math teacher could have students create different polyhedra with the same volume or surface area.  Or you can have students develop a new board game and design and 3d print pieces! The possibilities are endless!


Visit One: We will bring a 3D printer into your classroom to show the students how it works and students will design a keychain with their name on it.

On your own: Students will complete the ‘hollow challenge’ to learn how to use tinkercad better.

Visit Two: Students will design a robot.


Visit Three: Design a project related to your class ideas are below:


Math– create two different objects with the same volume but different surface area

Science– create a race car or boat to experiment with

History– create an artifact of an ancient civilization

Social Studies– design a city