Cleveland Cavalier’s & Goodyear East Professional Center Digital Fabrication + STEM Lab

Grand Opening May 2019!


Through the generosity of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Goodyear, CMSD is proud to announce the new East Professional Center Digital Fabrication & STEM Lab (EPC DF+STEM LAB)!

This former science lab has been transformed into a 21st century learning space where teachers and and students will be able to dive into the cross over of digital fabrication and formal learning!

The Lab will have mini workshops on how to utilize digital fabrication machines in your classroom every week. As well as Open Making Hours each week for teachers who already have experience with digital fabrication to utilize the machines available.

For more information about the Lab workshops and open making hours click here.

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As of now, the EPC DF+STEM Lab is only open to CMSD Teachers.