Fab Training at Home

Due to Covid19 we are now offering 3D Printing and Vinyl Cutting Training at home, on your own pace. Each training consists of an intro zoom session recording and homework assignments that can be completed at your own pace. If at any time you need help with the homework, please reach out to Sarah Wallace, I’ll be happy to meet with you via zoom. Once you’ve completed the homework, you’ll come into the EPC STEM Lab to get hardware training and borrow a machine to use in your classroom!

3D Printing

 Intro to 3D Printing Zoom Recording 

Intro to 3D Printing Slides

3D Printing Homework 

How to use your Flash Forge Finder 3D Printer 

Vinyl Cutting

Intro to Vinyl Cutting workshop slides

Recording of Zoom- entire workshop

Silhouette Homework