Project 3: House Design

kahrae house | Tinkercad
House from Tinkercad

Now that you’ve completed your second project, it’s time to move onto something a little more tricky. Houses!

Designing a house in tinkercad can range from super simple, to crazy complex. So for this project you’re going to design 4 different things!

Hollow House Exercise

Simple house shape in Tinkercad
  1. Simple House Shape
    • For this design, you will need to create a simple house shape first like the yellow house to the right:
    • Check out the video below on how to create the simple house shape
How to create a house shape in Tinkercad

2. Hollow Houses

Now you’re going to create the red hollow house, and the green hollow house. Check out the differences- one has a floor and one doesn’t!

Check out this short video to give you some tips:

Now that you have made the Red house, try to make the green one!

Once you have finished the green and red house, you are finished with this project

Your Project is complete! Time to submit your work:

a) If you are logged in as a member of a class- you’re all set- your project is already shared with your teacher!

b) If you are on tinkercad on your own, fill out this form to submit your work: TINKERCAD FORM


  1. Click on your design from your home page so a pop up window opens.
  2. Select the website address from the top of your screen and COPY IT (you can do this by right clicking on your mouse and choose COPY.

3. You will need this to send the link in the form so Ms. Wallace can see your design!