Project 2: Flatbots

Examples of Flatbots

Now that you’ve completed your first project, it’s time to move onto something a little more tricky. FLATBOTS!

Flatbots, are little robots that can lie flat on their backs. Laying down flat makes them easy to 3D print and easier to design.

Before you start to make a design, flatbots have a few requirements:

  • Your flatbot can only use basic shapes from tinkercad
  • It must include five different shapes
  • It must be totally flat on the back- nothing floating for hanging down under the build plate
  • All parts of the flatbots must be connected or overlapping!

First, let’s do a quick activity to help make you a better flatbot designer!

  1. Click on the link for the MISTAKES BOT.
  2. Click COPY TO TINKER- this will make a copy of the design in your tinkercad.
  3. The boybot is good to go- but the girl bot has a few mistakes- see if you can fix them!
  4. Once you think you’ve fixed all of the mistakes, watch the video below to make sure you fixed all of the issues with the flatbot!

Now it’s time to create a flatbot of your own!

  1. Go back to your Tinkercad home page and click the blue CREATE NEW DESIGN button.
  2. As always, the first thing you need to do is CHANGE THE NAME of your project! This project should be named yournameFlatbot
  3. Start designing your flatbot! Remember:
    • you must use at least 5 basic shapes
    • you can only use basic shapes
    • everything must be connected
    • nothing floating or underground
  4. Size your flatbot
    • Your flat bot must be smaller than: 75mm tall, 50 mm wide and 10 mm thick.
    • Watch this video on how to size your bot:

Your flatbot is complete! Time to submit your work:

a) If you are logged in as a member of a class- you’re all set- your project is already shared with your teacher!

b) If you are on tinkercad on your own, fill out this form to submit your work: TINKERCAD FORM


  1. Click on your design from your home page so a pop up window opens.
  2. Select the website address from the top of your screen and COPY IT (you can do this by right clicking on your mouse and choose COPY.

3. You will need this to send the link in the form so Ms. Wallace can see your design!