Set up a New Tinkercad Account is an amazing, free 3D modeling and design website that people around the world use to create amazing things! The name TINKERCAD comes from TINKER- which means to play around with and CAD- which stands for COMPUTER ASSISTED DESIGN, a common term in the digital fabrication world.

If you have any questions on how to join tinkercad, email Ms. Wallace or your teacher, or Zoom with Ms. Wallace on Wednesdays!


  1. If your teacher has given you a USERNAME and CLASS CODE, go to and choose SIGN IN in the upper right corner.

2. Next click the GREEN – Students Join your Class box.

3. Enter the Class Code your teacher sent you

4. Enter the username your teacher gave you

5. You’re all set- head to the next step in Tinkercad at home.

Create a New Tinkercad Account on your own

  1. If you would like to join tinkercad on your own, you will need an email address and permission from your parent or guardian. Go to and choose JOIN NOW in the upper right corner.

2. Click the dark blue: CREATE A PERSONAL ACCOUNT button.

3. Next click SIGN UP WITH EMAIL

4 . Enter your Birthday

5. Create a username- your username should be: CMSDyourname. For example, CMSDjohnsmith

6. Create a password that you will not forget- GO WRITE IT DOWN RIGHT NOW!

7. Enter your email address or your parent’s email if they are helping you.

8. You’re all set- head to the next step in Tinkercad at home.