Intro Lessons and Project 1: Keychain

  1. Go to and log in to your account
  2. At the top right corner of the page, click LEARN(highlighted yellow in the picture below)
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3. Next click, SEE ALL STARTERS, then choose PLACE IT to start the lessons. There are 7 starter lessons to go through to learn the basics of Tinkercad. Be sure you read all the instructions on the left side of the screen and follow the directions!

4. Once you’re done with all the starter lessons, click on the tinkercad square rainbow logo in the upper left corner (in the pink box in the photo below) to go back to your home page

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5. Click on the blue box that says CREATE NEW DESIGN

6. Every time you create a new design, tinkercad gives your design a crazy new name (in the yellow box in the photo below) It’s VERY IMPORTANT that you remember to change the name of your project as soon as you start it! To change the name, click on the crazy name in the upper left corner, and hit backspace to erase it. Then type YOUR NAME , PROJECT. For example, if you were making a car and your name was John you would name it: JOHN, CAR For this project, we are going to make a KEYCHAIN

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7. Use the Red Box, Hole Cylinder and the TEXT tool to create a keychian with your name on it as in the picture below. Double check all the measurements so it’s the right size!

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Need help making the keychain? Check out this video!

How to make a Keychain in Tinkercad

8. Once your keychain is complete it’s time to share your project

a) If you are logged in as a member of a class- you’re all set- your project is already shared with your teacher!

b) Fill out this form to submit your work to Ms. Wallace: TINKERCAD FORM


  1. Click on your design from your home page so a pop up window opens.
  2. Select the website address from the top of your screen and COPY IT (you can do this by right clicking on your mouse and choose COPY.

3. You will need this to send the link in the form so Ms. Wallace can see your design!