Making in Schools from A to Z

Fab Labs, STEM Labs, and Makerspaces in CMSD schools

Do you have a makerspace in your school? Or maybe your school just received a grant to build one and you want to know what is next! Will it be a Fab Lab? A Makerspace? A STEM Space?   What’s the difference? Check out more on this topic here:  Fab, STEM, Make.  The resources below will be helpful for anyone wanting to learn more about making in school, what to buy, where it should go, how to use, how to teach with it and everything in between. Make Magazine is attributed with starting the Maker Movement and is the expert in makerspaces and all things making.  Their playbook below is an amazing resource, please, start there.

Make Magazine’s Makerspace Playbook

Make Magazine’s Youth Makerspace Playbook

Let’s talk Pedagogy and the Design Process

What should go in a Fab Lab / STEM Lab / Makerspace? 

Always start with Cardboard

3D Printing in YOUR classroom 

How to use an Electric Cutter in your classroom

Lasers Lasers Lasers

Electronics and Computer Science

Still have questions? Want to talk, brainstorm, plan a project, get advise?  All of those things are my favorite. Please reach out to the CMSD Fab Lab manager- to talk about making in your classroom.