Cleveland Cavaliers & Goodyear STEM Makeovers

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Due to the extreme generosity of the Cleveland Cavaliers & Goodyear, CMSD has been given an overwhelming gift.   The district build the EPC DF+STEM Lab at our professional center that will host workshops for teachers to learn the basics of Digital Fabrication as well as serve as a Library of technology that teachers can borrow to use in their classrooms. Coverage of this event 

Now that the EPC DF+STEM Lab is complete, we have moved onto phase two of this partnership.  The Cleveland Cavaliers and Goodyear will be completing 5 STEM SPACE MAKEOVERS in CMSD K-8 schools over the next 3 years.  We are looking for 5 CMSD schools who will benefit from a $25,000 STEM SPACE makeover!



Applications for the 2021-2022 school year must be completed by October 1st. 

In order to qualify for this makeover, please be sure your school:

  • is a CMSD K-8 School
  • has a space that is in need of a makeover that would be primarily used for STEM
    • Library / media space
    • computer lab
    • science lab / classroom
    • extra classroom
  • Has a team of 3-5 teachers who would take on the role of Lead STEM teacher and attend workshops and training sessions.
  • Can work with a construction team to have access to your building for approximately one month of work time, during which the space can not be used by teachers or students.
  • Is not on the list of schools being considered for closure nor has it been constructed in the past five years.

The $25,000 can be used for paint, furniture and STEM equipment only. 

Any questions? Please contact