Mobile Fab Lab Visits

Are you interested in the Mobile Fab Lab visiting your School? 

*** Due to Covid-19, the Mobile Fab Lab is not currently active*** 

Please check out the Workshops at the EPC STEM Lab 

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The Mobile Fab Lab is a part of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.   If you are a teacher or administrator at a CMSD school, the MFL can visit your school and engage your students in Digital Fabrication!

There are a few ways you can request the MFL to visit your school :

  1. Apply for the CMSD Fab Teacher Program, this is a year long program that continues as long as you teach for the district.  The MFL will visit your school for your students to complete a project an teachers will receive training on how to do Digital Fabrication in their own classrooms with a 3D printer and or vinyl cutter!   This program is only open to CMSD teachers who teach grades 3-8.   Only 10 teachers are chosen per year.
  2. Request the MFL to visit for one day . The MFL will visit your school for approximately 4-5 hours during a school day, engaging up to 100 students in exposure digital fabrication projects.  These visits are meant to to introduce students to DF and STEM projects, and are designed for students in grades K-8.

Please note, the MFL schedule fills up quickly. We will try to accommodate all requests. Preference is given to those teachers who attend workshops at the            EPC DF+STEM Lab . 

Use of the MFL is free for all CMSD schools and students.

Due to limited resources, time and personnel, the MFL is not visiting schools, community partners or other groups at this time. 


  • It is the main contact person’s responsibility to clear this plan with the Principal of the school (or site supervisor) to ensure that the plan is feasible and that the logistics are appropriate and can be met. 
  • It is assumed that all children participating in the MFL have photo released forms on file with CMSD. If any students do NOT have this form completed, it is the school’s responsibility to let the MFL team know and /or indicate this with a paper bracelet. 
  • Any students with health issues, particularly, respiratory issues and or allergies should have necessary medicines on hand if an emergency should occur. 
  • While the MFL team will try their best to accommodate all students regardless of ability, due to physical restraints this might not be possible. 
  • The materials and machines on the MFL can be dangerous therefore safety measures are put in place.  If students do NOT adhere to these measures, or if their behavior is causing a danger to themselves or others they will be asked to leave the MFL and not participate in the activity. 
  • Use of the MFL and all activities are FREE for any CMSD school and students. These materials are NOT for district employees 
  • The MFL is owned and insured by the Cleveland Metropolitan School District