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MFL STEAM Fellowship

We are very excited for the 2017-2018 school year!   Next year we will be rolling out the MFL STEAM Fellowship Program!   We are looking for approximately ten-fifteen  K-8 CMSD teachers are excited about incorporating STEAM and Making into their classrooms!  We are focusing on teachers who teach grades 3-8 in Math, Science or Art, but are open to all grades and subjects!

Teachers who complete the fellowship will earn one college credit AND earn a Mini Lab for their classroom!  A mini lab includes a 3D printer, maker and fab software for a computer in your classroom and continuing support from the MFL.

If you are a principal, please forward this information to your teachers who you think would be a good fit!

We are offering three branches of the MFL STEAM Teachers Program:


Engineering Birdhouses with the Design Process 

This program is perfect for math or science grades 3-8.   Students will learn about the design process through iterative work on bird houses.  This is interdisciplinary and teachers are expected to do work on the project outside of the time the MFL is at their school.

Visit One:  Students are exposed to the MFL and laser cutter and create cardboard pre-designed bird houses.                                                                                                                     Visit Two: students will create their own bird house design using cardboard construction and draw basic blueprints of their design.                                                                                 Visit Three: students will digitize their designs and create a prototype.                               Visit Four/Five: students will improve and iterate on their prototype before creating a wooden birdhouse for their community.

Digital Design and 3d Printing 

3D printing is a growing field that can be introduced to students as young as second grade!  In this program, students will create many 3d printed objects depending on your curriculum.  For example, a history teach might have their students design a replication of an ancient artifact from a culture they are studying, or design a building for a city they are creating.  A Science teacher might have students design animal and plant cells that can be taken apart or a globe that shows the different layers of the Earth. A math teacher could have students create different polyhedra with the same volume or surface area.  Or you can have students develop a new board game and design and 3d print pieces! The possibilities are endless!  3D Printing STEAM Teachers will work closely with the MFL team to develop projects for their students.


The MFL team is VERY excited to work with Art Teachers this year!  We have art projects that incorporate technology and math to varying levels of intensity and are hoping that you have some great ideas too!   Students might turn their tessellations made in Art class into digital designs and use the laser cutter to create magnets, or us the laser for print making!



  • All applicants must be:
    • a CMSD teacher
    • able to coordinate two to five Mobile Fab Lab (MFL) visits in the fall of 2017
    • willing to work with the MFL team
    • able to attend one PD session over the summer (June 28th, July 24th or August 7th)
    • able a monthly meet up with the cohort
  • Use of the MFL is free to all CMSD schools.  Some material costs apply for specific projects.
  • Teachers must complete the fellowship to earn college credit and get a Mini Fab Lab installed in their classroom.


Not ready to be a MFL STEAM Teacher? Or do you teach K -2?  

If you’re not ready for the commitment to be a MFL STEAM Teacher or teach younger students, check out our MFL exposure activities. Exposure activities can be done with students of any age, k-12.  These activities are designed to expose students to the technology of the MFL and to create something for their classroom or something to take home.   These activities can be done in a short period of time, anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour and range in ability level and content connections.  Click here to see activities by level.


Questions?  Please Email the MFL coordinator- Sarah Wallace at 


Thank you for your interest in the Mobile Fab Lab Fellowship program.  The application period is now closed. If you are interested in receiving information about the fellowship in the future, or if you would like information about scheduling an exposure activity please email Sarah Wallace at


All applications must be completed by June 9th at 11:59 pm.