Mr. Morris’ 3rd grade class at Charles Dickens School participated in an awesome in class FabLab activity this week!  We discussed how the laser cutter works, what pressform sculptures are and about Dinosaur skeletons and models.


Below is a video of the laser cutting out the smaller dinosaur pieces:


After examining a one foot dinosaur sculpture, the students used it as a guide to work collaboratively to build a three food tall T-Rex!  This larger dino was as big as some of the students!


This is a great example of an activity that is physically and spatially challenging for elementary aged students.  They have to work collaboratively to determine which pieces fit together where and use the strength of two students to snap the pieces together!  It also has instant gratification for students, at the end of the two-hour session the class had two large scale dinosaurs they could keep as class mascots!


This activity was adapted from Epilog Laser Dinosaur Model