Using Tinkercad to Design Hamster Huts!

The seventh graders at Euclid Park Elementary in Cleveland did an AWESOME job creating new huts for their class hamster- Mr. Wiggles! Ms. Pittman-Scott, the middle school science teacher at Euclid Park, worked with the MFL to create this great learning experience for her students!


The students started by looking at existing hamster houses and discussing Mr. Wilggles’ behavior.   Next, we worked together to come up with a list of parameters that their designs needed to follow.  The students worked in groups of two or three to sketch out their designs before building them in Tinkercad.


We watched videos on how 3D printing works and the students had to take that into consideration for their designs.  Each group designed a hamster house that was no bigger than an 8 inch cube and had a door as well as windows for Mr. Wiggles. Each hamster hut took between 9 and 14 hours to print and they turned out great!  Mr. Wiggles seems to be enjoying his new huts!