Digitally Designing Volcanoes!

8th grade students at Euclid Park did an amazing job a few weeks ago learning about the Ring of Fire and experimenting with Digital Design and 3D printing!


Before the Mobile Fab Lab arrived students reviewed what they had learned in Earth Science about volcanoes, plate techtonics and the Ring of Fire.  They also brushed up on plotting longitude and latitude points by creating a map of the Ring of Fire.


Next students got a quick introduction to Digital Design with an overview of  In groups of three to four the students modified a pre-made model of the globe by adding small holes in the locations where major volcanic activity occurs.


Students then got to visit the Mobile Fab Lab and see the 3D printers in action as the Fab Team worked to print all six globes in only two days!  The globes were designed with a larger hole on the top of the globe where materials could be poured in but could be easily plugged with a cork stopper. img_1795

Finally, back in the classroom, the students conducted the traditional baking soda and vinegar experiment with their globes.  We added in some dish soap for extra foam and food coloring for a bit of extra flair!  The end result was a simulation of what the earth would look like if all of its major volcanoes erupted at once!

Overall, this was a great example of how maker ed and digital design and fabrication can be used to enhance and deepen a science learning experience for students!