Rockets, Rockets, Everywhere!

It has been so exciting and fun to explore science with Rockets with students all over CMSD for the past month! img_1180


We started by taking the Mobile Fab Lab trailer to Cleveland’s Great Lakes Science Center to make rockets with MC2’s 9th graders!  Students were able to work collaboratively to shoot rockets outside right next to Lake Erie!


Last week the MFL team was at Orchard Elementary school where we made rockets with Ms. Btebit’s middle school classroom for students with individual education plans. The students were enthusiastic and had a blast making rockets and launching them in their classroom!

Our next stop at orchard was with the 2nd graders! These little ones were thrilled to make rockets after watching a rocket video in class with their teacher!  The kids worked collaboratively to make a rocket and launch it! Then they made adjustments to their rocket to try to improve the distance!


The last rocket stop was at Warner Girl’s Leadership Academy where fourth grade young ladies worked together to create and launch rockets on a beautiful fall day.   Students recorded the distance their rockets went and will later be analyzing the data by finding averages and making graphs of their data!


All of these Rocket Launch days were filled with science and fun!   Students got to build their own rocket using straws, tape, clay and laser cut wings!  This one hour long mini maker activity is a great way for students to have a hands on learning experience and get them making their own data for analysis in math and science.

img_1266This is a great mini maker activity, or can be expanded to a full on Fab activity during a week long investigation into rockets where students can design their own wings using computers and laser cut their own wings!


Interested in doing a rocket launch with your own students?  Contact the fab lab: