Week Long Workshops

Week Long workshops are designed for 20-75 students over the course of a
week. Most of these workshops come with the Mobile Fab Lab trailer and a team of 4-8 fabbers to help with the activity.  These workshops are more involved and require multiple sessions throughout the week (approximately 15 hours during the week) to complete a Fab project from start to finish. All week long workshops focus on The EngiDSC_2550neering Design Process. We hope that every student who participates in one of these workshops thinks about what they are making through this lens and eventually is capable of applying it to other problems they face.


Week Long Workshop: Angry Rockets

Week Long Workshop: Light Up Push Out Cards


Week Long Workshop: Freak the Might, Ornithopters

Week Long Workshop: Flying Machines

Week Long Workshop: Circuits Circuits Circuits

Week Long Workshop: Glowing Lanterns





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