How to make iPhone case with words (MakerGear 3D printer)

1.)    Import STL into Google SketchUp using STL File Importer Plug in (
2.)    Using text tool, add desired text
3.)    Double click text and select the surface of each letter
4.)    Copy surface of text
5.)    Double click the face of the object you would like the text to be on
6.)    Paste, select text (double click), right click, flip along red direction then move.
7.)    Select push/pull tool.
8.)    Click the surface of one letter, rotate to the bottom of the object, and move cursor over to the bottom face. This should push the letter through the object. Repeat on all letters
9.)    Set the size to 101.6 mm for iPhone case
10.) Go to tools->Export to DXF or STL->Export Unit (Milimeters)->Export to DXF Options (STL)
11.) Name file iPhone Case.stl  (MUST PUT .stl AFTER NAME)
12.) Add to slic3r and create G-code
13.) Load G-Code to Pronterface
14.) Align plastruder to the exact center (There is an X marked on our build platform as a guide)
15.) Test the extrusion when temperature is at 185 degrees
16.) Click Z home
17.) Then print your new case

Made by: Kerri Haab, 11th grade student at MC2STEM High School  with help from Nick Giorgio, Assistant Head of School and FabLab Director

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