Update from Norway

Ok USA (you will see the thumbs up a lot)
Ok USA (you will see the thumbs up a lot)


I’ve made it safe to Norway. Sorry for not calling I didn’t know how.

You can log onto Google Talk and communicate with me through the email address: nicholas.digiorgio@gmail.com or let me know you are going to try Google talk and I’ll contact you. Skype is another tool that I will try to figure out. We can text chat, or talk and even video conference from the lab.

You can see me live from the website at this Link: http://www.fablab.no/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=103

The place I’m staying at is: http://www.fablab.no/

There are others from all over the world. Frosti from Iceland, Alex from Netherlands, Eddie from Manchester, Thomas from Kenya.

I’ve uploaded some pictures at Flicker which you can access from the right.

Things I’ve accomplished…

  1. Midnight walk up a mountain to see whales and eagles, only saw a few sheep
  2. Create this blog with the pictures and videos
  3. Eaten dried Reindeer heart, Icelandic “Pluck and mash” (Pluck fish from the bone and mix it with potatoes like a casserole) and then for snack  dried sea-weed
  4. Taken a lot of pictures

However, I haven’t fabricated anything yet.  But I’ll keep you updated.

New Friends from the Fablab
New Friends from the Fablab

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